About Andreas

About Andreas

Andreas is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bremen's Institute of Environmental Physics, in the DOAS group.

A mathematician by training, Andreas moved to the field of atmospheric remote sensing. Here, his main focus lies on the improvement and further development of the retrieval of atmospheric trace gases, mostly tropospheric NO2, in the ultraviolet and visible spectral regions.

In his recently finished PhD thesis with the title Tropospheric nitrogen dioxide from satellite measurements: SCIAMACHY limb/nadir matching and multi-instrument trend analysis, Andreas delevoped an algorithm combining measurements taken by the SCIAMACHY instrument in limb and nadir geometries to yield tropospheric NO2 abundances. In the second part of his thesis, Andreas analyzed the temporal evolution of tropospheric NO2 measurements from four satellite instruments, explicitly accounting for differences between the instruments, with a focus on large urban agglomerations.

Andreas is an avid advocate of open source software in general and the Python programming language in particular. He is an occasional contributor to several open source projects, mostly the excellent SciPy library.

Andreas's curriculum vitae is available for download.