Seminar Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere (WS2019_2020)

Responsible Professors: John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt,
Monika Rhein, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, Mihalis Vrekoussis

Tuesday 13:00 c.t.
Building NW1,

No. Date Speaker Topic
1 15.10.19 - preliminary discussions
2 22.10.19 Michael Buchwitz (IUP) Why increasing CO 2 leads to middle atmosphere cooling
3 29.10.19 Prof. Pöschl (MPIC)
4 05.11.19
5 12.11.19
6 19.11.19 Monika Rhein (IUP) The IPCC Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere SROCC
7 26.11.19 Dr. Denis Poehler (Airyx GmbH, IUP- University of Heidelberg) nvestigating vehicle & ship emissions and present air quality with new spectroscopic methods
8 03.12.19 Christian Melsheimer (IUP)
9 10.12.19 Philip Rostosky (IUP)
10 17.12.19 Helmut Fischer (IUP) Almost 50 Years of Environmental Radioactivity Work at U Bremen Physics Department
11 07.01.20 Gunnar Spreen
12 14.01.20 Björn Oliver Schmidt (IUP) & Matthias Buschmann (IUP)
13 21.01.20 Oliver Huhn (IUP) Submarine melt at the 79N Glacier
14 28.01.20 Manuel Schlund (DLR-IPA) Evaluation of the new global climate model generation (CMIP6) with the ESMValTool

For seminar on Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (SemPca), click here

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