Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere Seminar

Universität Bremen, Building NW1, N3380, Tuesdays, 10:15-11:45. Responsible professors: Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John P. Burrows, Klaus Künzi, Monika Rhein, Justus Notholt.

Date Speaker Title File
20.04.2004 - Presentation of Env.Physics lectures and seminars this semester
27.04.2004* Prof. E. Raschke (invited by Dr. Georg Heygster) Climate and society
04.05.2004 Dr. Juergen Sueltenfuss Helium isotopes in water: an ideal tracer in environmental science?
11.05.2004* Prof. R. A. Cox (invited by Prof. John Burrows) Laboratory studies of reactions on cirrus clouds
18.05.2004 Gang Hong Detection of tropical deep convective clouds from AMSU-B water vapor channels measurements
25.05.2004* Prof. Ulrike Lohmann (invited by Prof. John Burrows) Aerosols and climate: The cloud connection
01.06.2004* Emmanuel Brocard Impact of changing tropospheric humidity on the outgoing longwave radiations
08.06.2004 Dr. Marco Vountas Inelastic scattering in ocean water and its impact on trace gas retrievals from satellite data
15.06.2004* Peter Mills Chaos, advection and Lagrangian models of tracer transport
22.06.2004 Dr. Rüdiger de Beek Greenhouse gas retrievals from SCIAMACHYs NIR channels
29.06.2004* Paul E. Ulasi Detection and mapping of polar stratospheric clouds with SCIAMACHY limb scattering observations
06.07.2004 Marco Scharringhausen Introduction to the SCIAmetals project
13.07.2004* Poornendu P. Singh Stochastic modelling of polar sea-ice variability

(*) - talk cannot be shifted since it is given either by invited speaker or student from postgraduate programme PEP.
Abstracts should be handed in at least one week prior to the talk!

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