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Seminar Ozean, Eis, Atmosphäre / Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere

Archive - WiSe 2002/2003, October, 14th, 2002 - February, 7th, 2003
Universität Bremen, Building NW1, N3380
Tuesdays, 10:15-11:45

Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John P. Burrows, Klaus Künzi, Monika Rhein, Justus Notholt

No. Date Speaker Topic
 1  15.10.  -  Preliminary Discussion
 2  22.10.  Dr. Klaus-Peter Johnsen (GKSS) GPS Atmosphere Sounding -
An Innovative Approach for the Recovery of Atmospheric Parameters
 3  29.10.  Heise (DLR) Imaging the Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Based on GPS Data Obtained Onboard CHAMP
 4  5.11.  H. Bovensmann (UB) SCIAMACHY: First Results (and NIR-Retrieval)
 5  12.11.  M. v. König, B.-M. Sinnhuber (UB) Modelling chemistry and transport of the middle atmosphere
 6  19.11.  C. Melsheimer (UB) Polarised Radiation
 7  26.11.  L. Kaleschke (UB) Remote Sensing of Sea Ice and Applications
 8  3.12.  H. Huntrieser (DLR) Atmospheric Trace Gases
 9  10.12.  P.-T. Labus (UB) A critical view on the ozone hole theory
 10  17.12.  Warneke (UB) Measurements of plutonium isotopic ratios
 11  7.1.2003  O. Huhn (UB) Age Distributions from Tracer Data in upper North Atlantic Deep Water in the South Atlantic
 12  14.1.2003  W. Gurlit (UB) Ballon Borne in situ Measurements of Water Vapor and Methane with the CHILD spectrometer
 13  21.1.2003  Viju Oommen John (UB) Retrieval of atmospheric parameters from AMSU
 14  28.1.2003  S. Fietkau (UB) DOAS Measurements at Nairobi
 15  4.2.2003  M. Buchwitz (UB) Acquittal for CO2 (Freispruch für CO2): Review of a book written by W. Thüne"

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