Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere Seminar

Universität Bremen, Building NW1, N3380, Tuesdays, 10:15-11:45. Responsible professors: Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John P. Burrows, Klaus Künzi, Monika Rhein, Justus Notholt.

Date Speaker Title
14.10.2003 - Presentation of Env.Physics lectures and seminars this semester
21.10.2003 Prof. J. Notholt (IUP) Paleoozone
28.10.2003 G. Spreen (IUP) Sea Ice Remote Sensing with the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR)
04.11.2003 Dr. Michael Buchwitz (IUP) CH4, CO, CO2, and H2O total column retrieval from SCIAMACHY: Algorithm and first results
11.11.2003 S. Dhomse (IUP) Dynamical Influence on Inter-annual and Decadal Ozone Change
18.11.2003 M. Bruns (IUP) Profile Retrieval activities using simulated AMAX-DOAS data
25.11.2003 Dr. Andrew Rankin (BAS) (invited by Dr. G. Heygster) Frost Flowers on sea ice and their role in Atmospheric Chemistry
02.12.2003 Nathalie Courcoux (IUP) Envisat Data Assimilation Summer School: Data assimilation of the ionosphere
09.12.2003 Dr. J. Wickert (GFZ Potsdam) (invited by Dr. A. von Engeln) GPS Based Remote Sensing
16.12.2003 T. Kunhikrishnan (MPI) Inter-annual variability of Tropospheric NO2 column over Central Indian Ocean and their scaled sensitivity to continental emissions
23.12.2003 - No Seminar (Winter break)
30.12.2003 - No Seminar (Winter break)
13.01.2004 T. Warneke (IUP) CO2 retrieved from ground-based solar FT-spectroscopy
20.01.2004 N. Buschmann (IUP) Installation of the RAMAS-Instrument in Greenland and first results
27.01.2004 E.J. Llewell (ISAS) Using SCIAMACHY and OSIRIS to study the mesosphere
03.02.2004 Dr. A. von Engeln (IUP) Ducting

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