Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere
(SS 2003)





1 25.04.2003 - Preliminary Discussion
2 02.05.2003 Jerome Meyer (IUP) Solar Occultation Measurements with SCIAMACHY - The First Year
3 09.05.2003 Gomez Martin  (IUP) Principal and Independent Component Analysis in the context of Multichannel Time-Resolved Absorpt ion Spectroscopy and Chemical Kinetics
4 16.05.2003 Tiberius Tarsu (IUP) Formaldehyde Measurements during the FORMAT Campaign
5 23.05.2003 Gunnar Schade (IUP)
Acetone and other oxygenated VOCs in the troposphere - from flux measurements to global budgets
6 30.05.2003 Bright Kwakye-Awuah (AWI-Bremerhaven) Photochemical Reactions in Artificial Snow
7 06.06.2003 Bernd Sierk (IUP) DOAS Measurements of Water Vapor Absorption during Sunrise for Tests of Radiative Transfer Models
8 13.06.2003 Keiichiro Hara Arctic Aerosol
9 20.06.2003 Akeem Amao (IUP) Full Retrieval Method Analysis of the Effect of Biomass Burning on Tropical Tropospheric Ozone
10 27.06.2003 Jisca Sandradewi (AWI Bremerhaven) A Study of the Meridional Aerosol Distribution over the Atlantic and polar Oceans
11 04.07.2003 David Fowler (CEH Edinburgh) Measuring surface-atmosphere trace gas and aerosol fluxes at field to country spatial scales
12   11.07.2003 Tetteh Francis Kofi (IUP) Intercomparison of ozone profiles measured by SCIAMACHY, MIPAS, and GOMOS
13 18.07.2003 Bilgehan Gür (IUP) CATGAS


IUP - Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Bremen.

AWI Bremerhaven - Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven.

CEH Edinburgh - Centre of Ecology and Hydrology Edinburgh, Bush Estate, Penicuik, Midlothian, United Kingdom.

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