Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere
(SS 2004)

Responsible Professors: Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John Burrows, Justus Notholt and Otto Schrems

Friday 13:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room N 3380





1 23.04.2004 - Preliminary Discussion
2 30.04.2004    
3 07.05.2004 Thompson Annor (AWI Bremerhaven) Investigation of Photochemical Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) in Artificial Snow
4 14.05.2004 Justus Notholt (IUP) On the Resolution of a Grating Spectrometer
5 21.05.2004 Thomas Medeke (IUP) MAX-DOAS measurements over Summit, Greenland
6 28.05.2004 Michael Gausa (ALOMAR) ALOMAR Observatory - Ground Support for Sounding Rockets and advanced Infrastructure for ground based Atmosphere Research
7 04.06.2004 Silvia Tellmann (IUP) Ozone Profile Retrieval from GOME Measurements
8 11.06.2004 Eric Kumi Barimah (IUP) An Ocean Colour Product from GOME and SCIAMACHY
9 18.06.2004 Deniz Kartal (IUP) Peroxy Radical measurements at the European Photo Reactor in Valencia, Spain
10 25.06.2004 Valentine Jolaosho (IUP) Full Retrieval Method (FURM) Analysis with respect to Tropospheric Ozone caused by Tropical Biomass Burning and Urban Pollution
11 02.07.2004 - Sommerfest
12 09.07.2004 Emmanuel Quansah (AWI Bremerhaven) Photochemical decomposition of Nitrate (NO3-) in Artificial Snow
13 16.07.2004 Kwon H. Lee    (ADEMRC-GIST Korea) Atmospheric Aerosol Monitoring by using Satellite Remote Sensing Technique


ALOMAR - Arctic Lidar Observatory for Middle Atmosphere Research, Andøya, Norway

AWI Bremerhaven - Stiftung Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven.

ADEMRC-GIST - Advanced Environmental Monitoring Research Center, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, Gwangju, Korea.

IUP - Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Bremen.

Contact Person
Hilke Oetjen
Universität Bremen, Building NW1
Room U 3140, Level 3a
0421 / 218 - 4585

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