Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of the
(SS 2006)

Responsible Professors: John Burrows, Justus Notholt and Otto Schrems

Friday 13:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S 3120






1 21.04.2006 - Preliminary Discussion  
2 28.04.2006 John P. Burrows (IUP) ~Atmospheric Physic and Chemistry~
3 05.05.2006 Bilgehan Gür (IUP) (PhD examination)- Temperature Dependent Absorption Cross-Sections of O3 and NO2 in the 240-790nm range determined by using the GOME-2 Satellite Spectrometers for use in Remote Sensing Applications. room U1050 15:00
4 12.05.2006 Franz Immler (AWI) Lidar observations of tropical cirrus  
5 19.05.2006 Prof. E. J. Llewellyn (ISAS) The mesosphere as seen by OSIRIS on the Odin satellite PhD ex. of Folkard Wittrock at 15:00 R. U1050! Info here
6 26.05.2006 Professor Rychard P. Wayne (PTCL) The origin and evolution of the atmosphere PhD ex. of Juan Carlos at 15:15 in room U1050. Info here
7 02.06.2006      
8 09.06.2006 Mathias Schreier (IUP) Ship Tracks - Cloud modification by ship emissions  
9 16.06.2006 Ninad Sheode (IUP) Climatology of BrO
10 23.06.2006 Thomas Kurosu (SAO) OMI measurements of minor trace gases  
11 30.06.2006 Christian von Savigny (IUP) Noctilucent cloud studies with SCIAMACHY  
12 07.07.2006 Steffen Beirle (UH) Lightning NOx measurements from space  
13 14.07.2006 Dr.Günter Rohen (IUP) GMES Office Bremen(GOB)  
14 21.07.2006 Stanislav Ignatov(AWI, UNN) Quantum chemical study of interactions between atmospheric trace gases and ice surfaces  
The green background denotes talks which should not be shifted because they are either given by invited speakers or by members of the Master Course.
IUP - (Institut für Umweltphysik), University Bremen.
NUI - National University of Ireland, Department of Physics, Galway, Irland.
AWI - Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar-und Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven.
UH - University Heidelberg.
SAO - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Boston.
UNN - University of Nizhny Novgorod, Department of Chemistry, Nizhny Novgorod, Russland
PTCL - Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford
ISAS - Physics and Engineering Physics Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies Department of Physics and Engineering Physics University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

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