Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry
of the Atmosphere
SoSe 2016

Responsible Professors: John Burrows, Justus Notholt, and Mihalis Vrekoussis

Friday 14:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S 1360

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Responsible for
1 08.04.2016 Stefan Noel (IUP)
New ECMWF data at IUP - and how to use them Alvarado
2 15.04.2015 Kai-Uwe Eichmann (IUP)
Cloud slicing technique Leventidou
3 22.04.2016 EGU
4 29.04.2016 Katja Weigel (IUP)
SCIAMACHY Limb H2O - from V3.01 to V4.1 Galytska
5 06.05.2016 Yufang Ye (IUP)
Improving Multiyear Ice Concentration Estimates with Air Temperatures and Ice Drift Hilboll
6 13.05.2016 Niall Ryan (IUP)
Ground-based radiometry at the polar vortex edge: new O3 and CO datasets Mueller
7 20.05.2016 Landon Rieger (IUP)
Stratospheric Aerosol Retrievals from OSIRIS and SCIAMACHY Meier
8 27.05.2016 Leif Toudal Pedersen (Danish Meteorological Institute)
Atmospheric and Surface Remote Sensing in the Arctic using Optimal Estimation methods Ladstaetter
9 03.06.2016 Anja Schönhardt (IUP)
Emissions of Iodine monoxide from volcanic eruptions Richter
10 10.06.2016 Tina Hilbig (IUP)
SCIAMACHY Solar Reference Spectrum towards Long-term Trends in Solar Spectral Irradiances from Satellite Observations Bramstedt
11 17.06.2016 Carlo Arosio (IUP)
Retrieval of stratospheric ozone profiles from OMPS limb measurements
12 24.06.2016 Vladyslav Nenakhov (IUP)
Airborne based peroxy radical measurements with the PeRCEAS instrument Spreen
13 01.07.2016 Christof Petri (IUP)
Greenhouse gas remote sensing beyond TCCON Buchwitz
14 08.07.2016 Evripidis Stefanou (Cyprus Institute)
A. Elemental, Organochlorines and Bacterial Communities Composition of Atmospheric Fine Particles during African Dust Events in the Eastern Mediterranean Buschmann
14 08.07.2016 Evripidis Stefanou (Cyprus Institute)
B. Presentation of the main atmospheric research activities at the Environment Energy and Water Research Centre of the Cyprus Institute
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