Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry
of the Atmosphere
WiSe 2014-2015

Responsible Professors: John Burrows and Justus Notholt

Friday 14:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S 1360

IUP-AWI Blockseminar: Human Impact on the Earth System 6th of February 2015, University of Bremen, Room S1360
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Responsible for
1 17.10.2014 Astrid Schulz (WBGU)
Kyoto - Copenhagen - Paris: Where are we heading in international Climate Policy?
2 24.10.2014 Martin Langowski (IUP)
Investigation of metals in the mesophere and lower thermosphere (MLT) using SCIAMACHY limb MLT measurements
3 31.10.2014 Maximilian Reuter (IUP)
Satellite-inferred European carbon sink larger than expected Thomas Krings
4 07.11.2014 Martin Riese (fz-Jülich)
Climate-relevant processes in the upper troposphere and stratosphere (UTS) Christian Melsheimer (PHAROS)
5 14.11.2014 Anne Blechschmidt (IUP)
Transport of tropospheric BrO by polar cyclones observed from satellite Andreas Richter (DOAS)
6 21.11.2014 ! CANCELLED !
7 28.11.2014 Mohammed Shokr (Env. Canada) Estimation of Young Sea Ice in the Arctic Region Yufang Ye (PHAROS)
8 05.12.2014 ! CANCELLED ! ! CANCELLED ! ! CANCELLED !
9 12.12.2014 Sabrina Arnold (MPI-Jena) Retrieving the total column of greenhouse gases from the ground on Ascension Island Lisa Behrens (DOAS)
10 19.12.2014 Thomas Jung (AWI) The WWRP Polar Prediction Project Tim Bösch
11 09.01.2015 Oliver Schneising (IUP) Remote sensing of fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production in North American tight geologic formations Maximilian Reuter
12 16.01.2015 Kai-Uwe Eichmann (IUP) Limb Cloud top heights using SCIAMACHY Elpida leventidou (UVSat)
13 23.01.2015 Malte Jäger (IUP) Satellite-based retrieval of desert dust deposition into the Atlantic Ocean Linlu Mei
14 30.01.2015 Huilin Chen (Uni-Groningen)
High-latitude balloon observations of CO2/CH4/CO using AirCore: evaluation of Sodankylä TCCON retrievals
Faiza Azam (UVSat)

IUP - Institut für Umweltphysik, University of Bremen (Germany-Bremen)
fz-Jülich- Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany-Jülich )
MPI - Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Germany-Jena)
AWI - Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar und Meeresforschung (Germany-Bremerhaven)
WBGU - German Advisory council on Global Change (Germany-Berlin)
Uni-Groningen - University of Groningen (Netherlands-Groningen)
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