Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup uni_Bremen

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry
of the Atmosphere
WiSe 2017-2018

Responsible Professors: John Burrows, Justus Notholt, Annette Ladstaetter-Weissenmayer and Mihalis Vrekoussis

Friday 14:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S1360




Topic - Abstract - Presentation Responsible for coffee
1 13.10.2017 Mohammed Shokr
(Environment and Climate Change Canada)
Arctic and Antarctic sea ice: differences in ice types and processes
Abstract                       Presentation
2 20.10.2017 Alexandra Klemme
Carbon dynamics in tropical peat draining rivers
Abstract                       Presentation
Philipp Richter
3 27.10.2017 Christian Melsheimer
Sea ice types in the Antarctic from microwave satellite observations
A large hole in the ice: The Weddell Polynya is back!

Abstract                       Presentation1                       Presentation2
Arantxa, Catalin
4 03.11.2017 Andreas Richter
The TROPOMI instrument on Sentinel 5 Precursor
Abstract                       Presentation
5 10.11.2017 Jakob Borchardt
Methane retrieval and interpretation using high spatial resolution airborne measurements
Abstract                       Presentation
6 17.11.2017 Dimitris Balis
(Aristotle University, Greece)
Active and passive remote sensing activities at Thessaloniki, Greece
Abstract                       Presentation
Andreas Hilboll
7 24.11.2017 Miriam Sinnhuber
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Observation of the O2* dayglow in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere from Sciamachy limb observations
Abstract                       Presentation
8 01.12.2017 Prof. Maria Kanakidou
(University of Crete, Greece)
Atmospheric Deposition of nutrients and its impact on the marine environment
Abstract                       Presentation
9 08.12.2017 Tim Boesch
BOREAS - A new MAX-DOAS profile retrieval algorithm
Abstract                       Presentation
10 15.12.2017 Yangzhuoran Liu
Further Investigation of Ethylene (C2H4) as Amplification Agent with PeRCA Method
Abstract                       Presentation
11 22.12.2017

No talk
12 12.01.2018 Prof. Susanne Crewell
(University of Cologne)
Arctic clouds - first insights from the ACLOUD campaign around Svalbard
Abstract                       Presentation
13 19.01.2018 Andrea Orfanoz-Cheuquelaf

Abstract                       Presentation
14 26.01.2018 Lisa Behrens

Abstract                       Presentation
15 02.02.2018 Stelios Myriokefalitakis
(Utrecht University)

Abstract                       Presentation

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