Details on members of the UVSAT group are provided here. A list of former members of our group is given further below.

Current group members

 Brian Auffarth  PhD student NW1/S4220 62087
 Hartmut Bösch  Prof. (Division Head) NW1/U2130 62777
 John P. Burrows  Prof. (former Division Head) NW1/U2120 62100
 Kai-Uwe Eichmann  Research Scientist NW1/S4290 62088
 Swathi Maratt Satheesan  PhD student NW1/S4290 62088
 Falco Monsees  PhD student NW1/S4230 62081
 Andrea Orfanoz-Cheuquelaf  Research Scientist NW1/S4230 62081
 Mark Weber  Senior scientist NW1/S4210 62080


Our staff can be contacted by using the email adress firstname.lastname(at) and telephone number +49/421/218-XXXXX with the extension provided in the above list (e.g., +49/421/218-62080).


 Former group members

  • Dr. Faiza Azam
  • Dr. Rüdiger de Beek
  • Stefan Bötel
  • Prof. Astrid Bracher
  • Dr. Klaus Bramstedt (now Aerosol and Cloud Group)
  • Dr. Wissam Chehade
  • Melanie Coldewey-Egbers
  • Dr. Richard Damoah
  • Arief Darmawan
  • Neda Darvishsefat
  • Dr. Sandip Dhomse
  • Dr. Sebastian Dikty
  • Dr. Lok Nath Lamsal
  • Dr. Claus Gebhardt
  • Christine Haite
  • Tina Hilbig
  • Dr. Ricarda Hoogen
  • Nelson Igbenehi
  • Dr. Elpida Leventidou
  • Anja Menkhaus
  • Dr. Nora Mettig
  • Dr. Sebastian Mieruch
  • Andrea Orfanoz-Cheuquelaf
  • Dr. Joseph Pagaran
  • Tejas Patel
  • Dr. Nabiz Rahpoe
  • Asher Riaz
  • Twishashish Roy
  • Chinonso Unaichi
  • Fahrad Shakeri
  • Claudia Siegel
  • Dr. Silvia Tellmann
  • Francis Koffeh Tetteh
  • Dr. Katja Weigel (now with Prof. Eyring, IUP)

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