MICROS Data Request

P L E A S E   N O T E : 

We are offering free access to MICROS data products (October 10, 2005 - August 24, 2010).
The available data set has been derived from our first MICROS processing in September 2010:

MICROS - cloud fraction for SCIAMACHY
MICROS - clear sky reflectance for SCIAMACHY
MICROS - MERIS pixel classification

However, we kindly ask you to contact us (via mail) for further information.
Please specifying beforehand: your name & your institute data product & temporal coverage scientific purpose
Please ensure that your mail contains all required information mentioned above, otherwise we are not able to proceed with your MICROS data request.

Documentations regarding the MICROS algorithm, data products and results can be found here.

D A T A   A C C E S S   A N D   U S A G E   C O N D I T I O N S : 

Any distribution of Institute of Environmental Physics/Insitute of Remote Sensing (IUP/IFE) data bases or documentation, as a whole or in parts, using IUP/IFE data products is not allowed.
In case of publications containing results based on MICROS data, IUP/IFE needs to be properly acknowledged and referenced to. Depending on the contribution of MICROS data, we kindly ask you to contact us in order to discuss also the possibility of a co-authorship.

We supply you with the necessary information on where to get the data (web-address, login name, password) via email if your MICROS data request contains complete information.

Please contact us: Mail

.. and please do not forget that all provided data and information given here are of preliminary nature. IUP/IFE has established the MICROS code and data in all conscience and makes every effort to ensure that its data base is error-free. However, errors do occur and therefore, we can not guarantee that the MICROS algorithm and provided data are free of any bugs. With respect to this, we kindly ask you to notify us of any error that you discover in our data. We will make every effort to correct it.

A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T : 

The scientific knowledge required for the generation of this data set has been funded in part by the DFG under grant BU 688/20-1 (Resinc-2 project). The MICROS data set is the property of the University of Bremen. We are grateful to ESA and DLR for the possibility to use MERIS and SCIAMACHY data as well as software tools.

MICROS data von IUP/IFE Bremen steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell 3.0 Unported Lizenz.
MICROS data by IUP/IFE Bremen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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