Topical workshop TEAM-3: 12th - 14th February 2019
Posted on 19 Dec 2018 by Wilke
The third topical workshop "Transport and transformation of pollutants from European and Asian Major population centres - part 3: TEAM-3" will be organised and hosted by the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen on the 12th-14th February 2019.

As in previous topical workshops, TEAM-3 intends to put together the European and Asian EMeRGe community, this time to update and to discuss the evolving present and planned collaborations, aimed at exploiting the data of EMeRGe.

TEAM will be subdivided in four different plenary sessions focusing on:
1. Transport of pollution from European MPCs: progress on EMeRGe in Europe
2. EMeRGe in Asia: preliminary results from the HALO measurements
3. EMeRGe International in Asia: preliminary results from complementary measurements
4. Modelling activities

Each session will comprise relevant contributions selected from the EMeRGe community and time periods for general discussion.

Please send back the completed registration form not later than the 20. January 2019.
EMeRGe presented at Klimahaus Bremerhaven, Germany
Posted on 10 Dec 2018 by Wilke
Excerpt of an online article:
"(...) At the event 'Taking a deep breath in five world metropolises!' (...) the scientific explanations by Dr. Maria Dolores Andrés Hernández on the research project EMeRGe gave the appropriate framework for an intensive examination of the topic. At the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen, the project is under the direction of Prof. Dr. Burrows and uses a state-of-the-art research aircraft of the German Aerospace Center to measure the air pollution in several mega-cities worldwide. (...) It is clear that emissions that have once reached the atmosphere have an impact - be it locally or in other regions reached by air currents. (...)"

Read the the full story here (in German)
Talk at Klimahaus Bremerhaven, Germany
Posted on 20 Nov 2018 by Wilke
EMeRGe will be presented in the framework of the special exhibition at the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven with the talk "Erkenntnisse aus dem Forschungsprojekt EMeRGe" ("Findings from the research project EMeRGe").

In the exibition "Pollution Pods" it is possible to get the typical smells from five cities: Beijing, New Delhi, Sao Paolo, London and Trondheim. In a few steps you can walk from dry, cold to hot and humid places.

The effect of releasing toxic emissions on air quality and on the health of people and how this also contributes to climate change, will be presented on
Tuesday, 27. November 2018 from 14:00 - 16:00 at the Klimahaus Bremerhaven

Invitation to the talk (in German)

Link: www.klimahaus-bremerhaven.de/de/entdecken/weitere-bereiche/pollution-pods.html
EMeRGe side meeting at the 2018 joint iCACGP – IGAC Conference
Posted on 31 Aug 2018 by Wilke

The next opportunity to meet within EMeRGe comes soon!

EMeRGe will be presented at the joint iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium and the IGAC Science Conference taking place in Takamatsu, Japan, 25. - 29. September 2018.

Apart from the poster and oral presentations from the community, a side EMeRGe meeting for update and discussion is planned on the 28.09.2018 at the site:

Hope to meet you there!
Please download the agenda of the EMeRGe side meeting.
EMeRGe workshop in Republic of Korea
Posted on 11 Apr 2018 by Wilke
Prof. Burrows joined an EMeRGe workshop in the Republic of Korea. The team reported on airborne (King Air) and ground based measurements in South Korea and their satellite data products made for EMeRGe.

HALO comes back home after the EMeRGe transfer flight
Posted on 09 Apr 2018 by Wilke
HALO landed safely in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, at 16:45 local time after three days transfer flight from East Asia to Europe.

The EMeRGe HALO measurement campaign in Asia is brought successfully to a close and EMeRGe goes on into the next phase, an exciting time of analysing and interpreting data!

EMeRGe Flight F#14 to Thailand
Posted on 07 Apr 2018 by Wilke
HALO left Taiwan. On the first leg of the ferry flight back to Germany HALO landed on the airport U-Tapao in Thailand.

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