Effect of Megacities on the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants on the Regional to Global Scales



Intercomparison flights for instrumentation on DLR-HALO and UK-NERC-FAAM during the EMeRGe campaign in Europe
Posted on 13 Jul 2017 by Wilke

FAAM seen from HALO.

Prof. John Burrows was HALO's onboard mission PI.

As part of the EMeRGe campaign in Europe, the DLR HALO and UK NERC FAAM (BAe 146-301) aircraft are flying and make measurements of the transport and transformation of the emissions from mega cities and major population centres.

One key task was to undertake an inter-comparison of measurement being made by similar instruments on the two aircrafts. To achieve this goal 2017 the DLR HALO and UK NERC FAAM took off shortly after noon on 13.07.2017 from Oberpfaffenhofen and then flew to the Allgäu region. The mission PI on board the HALO was Prof. John Burrows from the University of Bremen.

The intercomparison exercise comprised measurements, made at three altitudes (~5km (15000ft), ~3 km (1000ft) 1.2km (4000ft)) in a race track pattern over approximately 2 hours. The two aircraft made a series close formation wing to wing set of flights and measurements. Such flying patterns require great skill by the pilots of the two aircraft. It enables identical air mass to be probed by the research instrumentation. This in turn yields a validation of the calibrations and measurements of these instruments and science data.

After the inter-comparison exercise, the two aircraft flew northward sampling air over southern Germany. FAAM Bae 146-301 then flew back to its base in Cranfield making measurements in North Germany, the Netherlands and the south east of the UK. The DLR-HALO made a series of transects over southern Germany at different altitudes. This was then followed by a sortie over Munich, aimed to investigate its emissions, prior to landing at Oberpfaffenhofen. Pollution from the major populations centres and long range transport from biomass burning and anthropogenic pollution from North America was observed.
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