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For personal consultancy with respect to general IT issues, i.e.:

  • maintenance,
  • hardware and software errors,
  • recommendations,
  • ordering

etc., please refrain from expecting a 7x24h support, but stick with the following opening hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 9-12/15-16h, room: NW1/U2065

Contact partners are: Heiko Schellhorn and Heiko Schröter.
If you are belonging to the group of Prof. Notholt, your contact partner is: Peter Gruppe.

Please use this email address:

For personal consultance with respect to scientific computing, ie. parallelization, programming support, consultance with respect to high performance computing and application at computation centers (interfacing to them in general) the contact partners are: Klaus Bramstedt, Günther Lehnert and Marco Vountas.

Günther Lehnert can be found in room NW1/N3120.

Please contact them directly via mail (phone):
G. Lehnert: (phone: 62725)
K. Bramstedt: (phone: 62084)