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Ozone Profiles

Towards the short wavelength region of GOME, the ozone absorption and Rayleigh scattering increases several order of magnitudes. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the altitude is where the information content of ozone becomes maximum. Using an Optimal Estimation inversion, for instance, ozone profiles can be derived. A-priori information on ozone profiles, for instance, from a monthly ozone climatology, is included to stabilise (or in mathematical terms: regularise) the spectral fit.

This graphics shows an ozone sonde profile (dashed line) from the Meteorological Observatory of the German Weather Service (DWD) at Hohenpeissenberg (49N) together with a GOME profile (solid line) measured the same day (21 March 1997) within 500 km distance from the sonde launch site. The vertical resolution of the GOME profile is about 6 km in the lowermost stratosphere and increases to about 10 km at higher altitudes and in the troposphere (below 10 km altitude). In-situ measurements from the sondes provide ozone concentrations about every 200 m (depending on ascent velocity).

During the period July 1996-June 1997 about 50 collocated measurements from GOME and ozone sondes at Hohenpeissenberg are compared in this figure. Because of the limited vertical resolution of GOME it is better to compare subcolumn amounts (here 10 km wide layers). Good agreement between sondes and GOME observations were confirmed by similar comparisons with other sonde stations in Europe at mid- to high latitudes. The annual dynamic variability is well captured by GOME, however some deviations may be due to different air masses which are probed by both instruments (large GOME ground pixel (960X100 km2) versus in-situ sonde measurements).

An alternative to the above mentioned optimal estimation scheme is a neural network retrieval scheme. This has been developed in collaboration with ZSW Stuttgart. It can be also applied to retrieve total ozone. The major advantage of the neural network is its high speed (no iteration necessary) that makes it suitable for real time applications.

Total Ozone

With the financial support of the European Space Agency (ESA Project GOME Total Ozone Retrieval Development GOTOCORD) a novel total ozone retrieval algorithm will be developed. This algorithm uses the weighting function DOAS approach (WFDOAS). The major difference to standard DOAS is the spectral fitting of weighting functions rather than absorption cross-section. Vertical column densities are directly retrieved avoiding the use of airmass factors (AMF) for slant column density conversion as in the current operational retrieval scheme. The Version 1 of WFDOAS data has now been released.

Scientific Case Studies

Examples for the application of GOME ozone profiles and columns for interpreting dynamic (transport) and chemical changes in ozone are investigations of ozone minihole events and chemical ozone loss in the Arctic polar vortex (see poster presented at the Palermo THESEO2000-SOLVE Science Meeting, 24 September - 29 September 2000).


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