RAM-Cam 79°N @ Spitsbergen

The northern most WebCam of the World!

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A live picture from Brøgger-Peninsula

Attention! No pics during polar night!

If you use IE4+ and Java-Script is enabled, the picture will be automatically actualized about every 5 minutes. Otherwise you have to open this page outside the main frame and refresh it by hand. We receive the best results at about 22:00 local time in summer, when the sun shines from behind. Otherwise the pictures may be overshot or too dark. After all, the exposure automatic from the CreativeLabs driver has to be improved.

The Zeppelin mountain research station web camera
overlooking Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway.
View towards north from 78°58 N 11°53 E and 474 m above sea level.
Updated once per hour.

Archived Zeppelin web camera files are available here!

What can you see - if you can see anything at all?

The camera points in southwest direction over the Brøgger Peninsula, west of Ny-Ålesund. In Arctic winter, we have 24 hours of darkness and in summer 24 hours of light. Often the weather is misty and you can't see anything of what is described. But if we have favourable conditions, you can see the following: In the center of the picture is the Amundsen-Tower. It was the anchoring construction for the large zeppelins, which had been used for Arctic expeditions in the 1920's. The water to the left is part of the Kongsfjorden (Kings Fjord). To the right are the central mountains of the Brøgger Peninsula, the massive Mountain to the left is the Ossian. In between is the edge of a large glacier - the Kongsvegen. When the weather is really bright and clear, you can see the Tre Kroner (three crowns) Mountains on the outer left side of the picture.

From time to time, we use the WebCam for scientific maintainance purposes, so don't wonder if you see wired things ;-)

A map of Brøgger-Peninsula