Status of the NRT System

Status Information

28.01.2022 04:05 waiting for data: GOSAT
28.01.2022 04:05 post-processing orbit 2022012720220350230 (27.01.2022 20:22)
28.01.2022 03:59 waiting for data: GOSAT
28.01.2022 03:59 post-processing orbit 2022012721590380231 (27.01.2022 21:59)
28.01.2022 03:57 waiting for data: GOSAT

Global L2 map of the last 30 days

NRT System Statistics


Heymann, J., Reuter, M., Hilker, M., Buchwitz, M., Schneising, O., Bovensmann, H., Burrows, J. P., Kuze, A., Suto, H., Deutscher, N. M., Dubey, M. K., Griffith, D. W. T., Hase, F., Kawakami, S., Kivi, R., Morino, I., Petri, C., Roehl, C., Schneider, M., Sherlock, V., Sussmann, R., Velazco, V. A., Warneke, T., and Wunch, D.: "Consistent satellite XCO2 retrievals from SCIAMACHY and GOSAT using the BESD algorithm", Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 1-20, doi:10.5194/amt-8-1-2015, 2015.

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... to offer us co-authorship for any planned peer-reviewed publication based on BESD data products (for non peer-reviewed publications it is sufficient if you add an appropriate acknowledgement),

... not to distribute the BESD data products to any third party (the only exception being colleagues working in your institute, in this case you agree to inform them about the conditions listed here and that they also have to accept these conditions).

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BESD is in part funded by ESA (GHG-CCI and Living Planet Fellowship project CARBOFIRES), EU FP7 (MACC-II), Horizon 2020 (MACC-III), and the state and the University of Bremen. We thank ECMWF for the meteorological data.