Block Seminar:
Remote Sensing activities at AWI, IUP and IFM

Monday, 9 July, 2012, 10:00-16:00 CEST at IfM/CEN, Hamburg

Note: Change of venue

The seminar will take place in the KlimaCampus Building, Grindelberg 5, not ZMAW building - see below

This time, the block seminar will be a joint effort not of two, but three institutions: In addition to IUP and AWI, the Remote Sensing and Assimilation Group, led by Detlef Stammer, of the Institute of Oceanography (IfM), University of Hamburg, will join in. Therefore, this block seminar will take place in Hamburg, at the IfM.

The idea of this joint seminar is to get to know each other's research interests and topics better, in view of possible future collaborations. The title of the block seminar is Remote Sensing activities at AWI, IUP and IFM, as remote sensing is the greatest common denominator of the three involved institutions.


10:00: Welcome, Coffee
10:15 - 11:30: Presentations by AWI members
  1. Ocean color products from hyperspectral satellite sensor SCIAMACHY (Astrid Bracher)
  2. Regional sea ice thickness distributions with airborne EM (Stefan Hendricks)
  3. Aerosol remote sensing in the Arctic using LIDAR ( Christoph Ritter)
  4. Polarimetric analyses of dominant radar backscattering mechanisms for iceberg detection (Christine Wesche)
11:30 - 13:00: Presentations by IUP members
  1. North Atlantic Current variability and associated mixing at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Maren Walter)
  2. Atmospheric Iodine Monoxide and the relation to chlorophyll-a as observed from satellite ( Anja Schoenhardt)
  3. Cloud remote sensing using GOME (Luca Lelli)
  4. Remote sensing of snow on sea ice (Christian Melsheimer)
13:00 - 14:00: Lunch, Coffee
14:00 - 15:30: Presentations IFM/CEN members
  1. SAR remote sensing over the Wadden Sea (Martin Gade)
  2. SMOS Sea ice applications (Lars Kaleschke)
  3. SMOS Salinity Variations (M. Sena Martins, J. Köhler, and A. Köhl)
  4. Analysis of ocean eddy variability using altimetry (Stavroula Biri)
  5. Estimating air-sea CO2 fluxes using scatterometry (Iris Hinrichs)
15:30 - 16:00:Discussion and Summary (Jung, Melsheimer, Stammer)


The Block Seminar will take place in room 008 in the KlimaCampus Building building, about 400 m from the ZMAW building, on the main street where the buses run.

The street address is: Grindelberg 5, 20146 Hamburg.

It is about 20 min on foot or 5 min by bus from the railway station Hamburg Dammtor (see map, building A)

How to get there

By Train from Bremen Hbf to Hamburg Dammtor

Appropriate train connections
Bremen Hbf—train—Hamburg Hbf—train— Hamburg Dammtor
8:00 (Gleis 10)MEr 9:23 9:28 (Gleis 2)S219:31
9:30 (Gleis 2)S319:33
9:38 (Gleis 2)S219:38
8:17 (Gleis 9)IC 23149:18

By Bus from Hamburg Dammtor to KlimaCampus building


This seminar is jointly organized by C. Melsheimer (IUP), T. Jung (AWI), and D. Stammer (IfM/CEN)