Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere Seminar
(SS 2005)

Responsible Professors: Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt, Monika Rhein

Tuesday 10:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S 3120





 1  12.04.2005  -

 Preliminary Discussion
 2  19.04.2005  Uwe Stöber
 Flow Field and Stratification at a Hydrothermal Vent Site
 3  26.04.2005  Dr. Isaac R. Ajayi
 (Ondo State University,
 Dosimetric Implications of the Natural Radioactivity in the
 Surface Soils of Ondo and Ekiti States in Nigeria

 4  03.05.2005  Mathias Palm

 Combining the ground based sensors RAM and FTIR -- Theory and first results.

 5  10.05.2005  Christian von Savigny

 Aristotle's Meteorology: Atmospheric Science 350 BC

 6  17.05.2005  Martin Ngwabie
 Mixing ratios measurements and flux estimates of volatil organic
 components (VOCs) from animal husbandry

 7  24.05.2005  Rüdiger Röttgers
 Determination of inherent otical properties of seawater:
 absorption  measurements with a Point-Source Integrating-Cavity
 Absoption Meter (PSICAM)

 8  31.05.2005  Lok Nath Lamsal
 Satellite ozone retrieval: An assessment of ozone and temperature profile  climatologies.

 9  07.06.2005
 Sandip Dhomse

 Ozone Recovery - Not Yet!

 10  14.06.2005  Millán Millán
 Vertical atmospheric recirculation over the Mediterranean area validated    with satellite observations

 11  21.06.2005  Holger Winkler
 Atmospheric chemistry modelling: Hydroxyl Airglow in the northern polar
 mesosphere during the October-November 2003 Solar Proton Event

 12  28.06.2005  Nathalie Courcoux
 RTTOV/ARTS comparison

 13  05.07.2005  Lothar Meyer-Lerbs
 A Look at Earth
 How to optimally map what a satellite ‘sees’

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IUP - Institut für Umweltphysik,Universität Bremen.

GKSS - Institut für Küstenforschung, Geesthacht.

CEAM - Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Centre of Environmental Studies), Valencia, Spain.

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