Data Privacy

Terms of Use

The conditions for using the University of Bremen TROPOMI/WFMD data products are:

You agree ...

1) to inform us prior to any publication where WFM-DOAS data products are planned to be used. Please do this by sending us the manuscript for review well before submission for publication to ensure that our data are accurately represented.

2) to discuss potential co-authorship with us at an early stage of any planned peer-reviewed publication essentially depending on WFM-DOAS data products. (For non peer-reviewed publications it is sufficient to add an appropriate acknowledgement.)

3) not to distribute the WFM-DOAS data products to any third party.

Data Access

There is a newer data version. Please consider using the latest version v1.8 instead.

By downloading the data, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Level 2 XCH4 and XCO v1.2
      (swath, quality filtered)

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[PDF] Product User Guide (PUG)

[PDF] Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)

[PDF] Algorithm Paper