2nd GSVT (Mar 2002)

Launch Readiness Review Meeting Feb. 2002

After the successful launch of ENVISAT, a launch readiness review meeting was held March, 4th 2002 in Bremen to ensure, that all groups are ready for the validation activities. Please find below the Agenda including references to the online available contributions and the Minutes of the meeting.


Launch readiness review meeting of the GSVT at Bremen, March, 4th 2000
13:00 Opening of the meeting
(Ulrich Platt and John Burrows)
13:15 Envisat operations during Commissioning Phase
(Stefan Noel)
13:30 Information for validation teams
  • SCIAMACHY Data Distribution
  • SCIAMACHY Level 1b -- 2 Offline Processor (SGP L12)
  • Product coordinator concept
  • SOST-page online

(Klaus Bramstedt)
14:00 Individual contributions of validation groups: Readiness Review
(7+2 min per group)
15:00  Coffee break
15:30  Contin. Individual contributions
16:45  Funding status with respect to long term validation phase
(A. Friker)
17:15  Summary
17:30  End of Meeting


The minutes of the meeting are available in PDF format.
Klaus Bramstedt / Last Change.