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4th Meeting of the German SCIAMACHY Validation Team

The 4th Meeting of the German SCIAMACHY Validation Team took place at the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Heidelberg at November, 25th 2003. The purpose of the meeting was the planning of the joint publications of the team before the end of the projects end of next year.

Agenda items of the 4th German Validation Team Meeting

Here is the detailed Agenda (PDF) for the meeting.

Summary of the Minutes

During the 3rd GSVT meeting in Bremen in July 2003 it was suggested to publish the work of the teams in two special issues in ACP. One will contain the results of the validation of SCIAMACHY products, the other one collects scientific results of the projects besides the validation tasks itself. On the 4th German validation team meeting now the individual validation groups presented first ideas for publications of additional results. In summary, an interesting and promising list of anticipated publications has been collected, demonstrating the productivity of the team despite the delays of official SCIAMACHY products.

Here are the complete minutes of meeting (PDF).
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