ROSA - Role of Stratospheric Aerosol in Climate and Atmospheric Science

ROSA is a collaborative research project within the research cluster ROMIC (Role of the middle atmosphere in climate), funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Project partners are the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen and the Institute of Physics at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald. The project starts in June 2013 and runs for three years.

ROSA aims at consolidating the understanding of aerosol processes in the lower stratosphere. The following scientific key aspects will be addressed:

Data from satellite observations will be used and evaluated with highly sophisticated aerosol models, interactively coupled to comprehensive chemistry and radiation schemes within global transport models.

It is envisaged to establish new climatologies of the observed aerosol extinction and the inferred size of aerosols for the operational SCIAMACHY period (2002 - 2012), which will be provieded to the international research community.

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Working Packages

WP 1

Implementation of stratospheric aerosol extinction and particle size retrieval from SCIAMACHY solar occultation observations.

WP 2

Improving stratospheric aerosol data product from SCIAMACHY limb-scatter observations with aerosol extinction and particle size retrievals from SCIAMACHY solar occultation measurements.

WP 3

Implementation of stratospheric aerosol module in the existing CTM.

WP 4

Data evaluation.