Ocean, Ice, Atmosphere Seminar

Universität Bremen, Building NW1, S3120, Tuesdays, 10:15-11:45. Responsible professors: Jörn Bleck-Neuhaus, John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt, Monika Rhein.

Date Speaker Title
19.10.2004 - Presentation of Env.Physics lectures and seminars this semester
26.10.2004 Yakub Tijani Multi-annual studies of chlorine species and other stratospheric trace gases using airborne microwave measurements
02.11.2004 Dr. Christian von Savigny Scaling and multifractality of the radiation field under cloudy skies
09.11.2004 Prof. Monika Rhein Equatorial upwelling inferred from Helium isotope distributions
16.11.2004 Dr. Andreas Richter Measurements of tropospheric NO2 from space
23.11.2004* Ruediger Lang Evaluation of the hydrological cycle in global models using in situ radiosonde and satellite data
30.11.2004* Dr. Manfred Birk TELIS - development of a new balloon borne THZ/SUBMMW heterodyne limb sounder
07.12.2004 Kerstin Kirchner On the flow of South Atlantic water into the Caribbean sea and across 16N
14.12.2004 Claas Teichmann Polarization effects in microwave radiation due to cirrus clouds
04.01.2005 Viju O. John Satellite-radiosonde humidity inter-comparison
11.01.2005 Nizy Mathew The Microwave surface emissivity calculations using AMSU-A data
18.01.2005 Andrei Burak Express determination of radioactive Strontium in environmental samples
25.01.2005 Hendrik Sander ARGO-observation of the North Atlantic Ocean and evaluation improvements
01.02.2005* Daniel Schulte Remote sensing of atmospheric total water vapor over the Antarctic with GPS
08.02.2005 Tom Bielefeld Methods in nuclear forensic science

(*) - talk cannot be shifted since it is given either by invited speaker or student from postgraduate programme PEP.
Abstracts should be handed in at least one week prior to the talk!

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