Data access

In the merged GOME/SCIA/GOME2 data set, the following data are included:

  • GOME (July 1995 - May 2003) without adjustments
  • SCIAMACHY (June 2003 - March 2012) with bias adjustments
  • GOME2/Metop A (March 2013 - ) with bias adjustments

ozone time series

Figure: Total ozone time series from different merged datasets. The pink line indicates the estimated ozone change due to changes in stratospheric halogen. From Weber et al. (2013).

Additional comments

The WFDOAS total algorithms are described in Coldwey-Egbers et al. (2005). Validation results have been reported by Bracher et al. (2005), Weber et al. (2005), and Fioletov et al. (2008).

There are other total ozone algorithm available for GOME's and SCIAMACHY as follows:

  • ESA/DLR operational retrieval (Roozendael et al. 2006, Balis et al., 2007, Anton et al., 2009)
  • KNMI retrieval including data assimilation (Eskes et al., 2005)

A merged data set from the ESA/DLR retrievals were reported by Loyola et al. (2009).

A description of the satellite instruments GOME, SCIAMACHY, and GOME2 can be found in Bovensmann et al. (1999), Burrows et al. (1999), and Callies et al. (2000), respectively.

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If you have any questions, need more information, or have a request for specific data sets, please contact Mark.Weber@uni-bremen.de.

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