Objective: Modelling possible impacts of large changes of geomagnetic intensity on the atmospheric composition using a 2 D version of the SLIMCAT model. Specifically, the impact of large solar proton events on the chemical composition and radiative balance of the atmosphere is investigated.
This project is part of a German focussed interdisciplinary co-operation on geomagnetic variations.
Project duration: January 2001 to May 2007
Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft project KU 709 /2
Co-operation: * University of Osnabrück, Germany: M.-B. Kallenrode, * University of Braunschweig: K.-H. Glassmeier, A. Neuhaus, * International University Bremen: J. Vogt
Acknowledgements: The following people have been of great help with model developement: * Martyn Chipperfield, School of the Environment, University of Leeds * Charles Jackmann, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
At the Institute for Environmental Physics in Bremen, we work together with the photo-chemistry modeling group, the ASUR group and the SCIAMACHY group.

Paleozone working group at the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen