SCIAMACHY Throughput Monitoring - Download of Spectral Results

Downloads are available for the following light paths:

Note that the monitoring data presented here have been reprocessed using actual (Level 1b V6.x upwards) radiometric key data.

All files are in NetCDF format (and thus more or less self-explanatory). An example IDL routine to read these data can be downloaded here.

The NetCDF files contain the complete data set for each light path, i.e. degradation as function of time and pixel number on a daily grid.
Note that the individual files are considerably large (currently about 50 MB each) and will increase in size when additional days are added.
Updates are synchronised with the update of the corresponding images.

Because of their preliminary nature you should be very careful in using these data to correct SCIAMACHY radiances or irradiances and especially consider the following remarks.

Remarks concerning Level 0 gridded monitoring data:


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