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SCIAMACHY spectrum
SCIAMACHY spectrum (click to enlarge)

SCIATRAN is a software package incorporating a radiative transfer model and a retrieval algorithm which can be easily adjusted to solve a wide range of scientific tasks. The program has been developed at the Institute of Remote Sensing/Institute of Environmental Physics (iup/ife), University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.

Click here to download the current version of SCIATRAN

Features overview

  • Scalar or polarized radiative transfer modelling: radiance/intensity, weighting functions, air mass factors (AMF), slant columns, vertically resolved AMFs (block AMFs), fluxes (actinic, upwelling, downwelling, diffuse and total), spherical albedo, vertical/slant optical depth.
  • Wavelength range: 175.44 nm - 40000 nm, several spectral windows can be selected. The sub-range with an extended support (e.g., by correlated-k parameters) is related to the GOME/SCIAMACHY spectral channels, i.e., 240-1750 nm (channels 1-6), 1940-2040 nm (channel 7), and 2260-2385 nm (channel 8) with an extension to a shorter UV range down to 175.44 nm which is useful for calculations of heating rates or photolyze frequencies.
  • Geometry: Any observation geometry as well as any position of the instrument in the space, on the ground, or in the atmosphere which is common for spectral measurements of the scattered solar light is supported by SCIATRAN. Although, some of the program features are limited to certain observation modes.
  • Atmospheric model: Trace gases (O3, NO2, ClO, OClO, BrO, HCHO, SO2, NO3, O4, O2, H2O, CO2, CO, CH4, and N2O), aerosols, clouds.
  • Land surface: Lambertian reflector with (wavelength dependent) albedo. Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) including appropriate parameterizations for a variety of surface types (not in all program modes). The the surface elevation with respect to the sea level can be specified.
  • Ocean surface: Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF), water leaving radiation, coupled atmosphere-ocean model.
  • Ocean ice surface: Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF), coupled atmosphere-snow/water-ice model.
  • Inelastic scattering processes: Rotational and vibrational Raman scattering.
  • Attention: Retrieval environment is not a part of the freely distributed software package!

Platform Compatibility

SCIATRAN has been developed in FORTRAN 2012. Following computer architectures are supported:

  • PCs with modern Intel and AMD processors, linux, Intel ifort (>= 2019) and gfortran (>= 7.0) compilers
  • IBM (tested on: Regatta; AIX; xlf95 r compiler).
  • For other computer platforms/ compilers an appropriate adaptation of Makefile by user is required.
  • SCIATRAN is also reported to work under Microsoft WINDOWS. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any instalation/execution support for WINDOWS users.
SCIATRAN working group
Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
Unversity of Bremen, Germany