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Please be advised, ife/iup cannot make any warranties that the program is free of errors. Users are encouraged to send bug reports to SCIATRAN support team.

License agreement

SCIATRAN is a property of the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) / Institute of Remote Sensing (IFE), University of Bremen, Germany.
Only scientists affiliated at academic scientific facilities and students are eligible for a free usage of SCIATRAN. As a proof of the status an email address from an eligible facility must be provided. Registrations with email addresses at public servers (e.g. goole, yahoo etc.) are not accepted.
Any commercial use of the program or its parts is prohibited.
Users are not allowed to redistribute the program or its parts.
IUP/IFE shall be informed by your site in written form if results obtained with SCIATRAN are to be published.
The program developers must be properly acknowledged in any publication based on the results obtained with the SCIATRAN software.
Registration for SCIATRAN

Main Package

Attention! You will need the LAPACK/BLAS FORTRAN Library installed on your computer to get SCIATRAN compiled.
Attention! For some retrieval modes you will need the GALAHAD Quadratic Programming Library installed on your computer
Latest fully featured version: SCIATRAN 4.1.2 /Release date: 12 April, 2019/


Download SCIATRAN Data Base
Download SCIATRAN local data

Test Scenarios

Download SCIATRAN test scenarios for a plane-parallel geometry
Download SCIATRAN test scenarios for a spherical geometry


Download LAPACK and BLAS libraries
LAPACK on LINUX PC: quick installation guide

SCIATRAN working group
Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
Unversity of Bremen, Germany