Seminar Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere (WS2021_2022)

Responsible Professors: John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt,
Monika Rhein, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, Mihalis Vrekoussis

Tuesday 13:00 c.t.
via Zoom (from Dec on: online only)

No. Date Speaker Topic Host
1 19.10.21 Preliminary Discussions
2 26.10.21 None (AC3 Science Conference)
3 02.11.21 Jhoon Kim (Yonsei University) Early Results of Air Quality Monitoring over Asia from Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) John Burrows
4 09.11.21 Petra Quillfeldt (U Giessen) Foraging ecology and stable isotopic analyses in seabirds Monika Rhein
5 16.11.21 Karl Kortum (DLR) [hybrid] Ice Type Retrieval from SAR and fused Measurements acquired during the MOSAiC Expedition Gunnar Spreen
6 23.11.21 Alek Petty (NASA) [16:15 CET] New insights into the polar sea ice-ocean state from NASA’s ICESat-2 Gunnar Spreen
7 30.11.21 Christoph Voelker (AWI) [hybrid] Seasonality of Mesoscale Phytoplankton Control in Eastern Fram Strait John Burrows
8 07.12.21 Jamal Makkor (IUP) Digitization and use of Historical Jungfraujoch Spectra from 1951 Justus Notholt / Mathias Palm
9 14.12.21 Khalid El Maghawry Elsayed (IUP) Multiviewing/Multispectral POLDER aerosol optical properties retrieval using SCIATRAN: Global validation Marco Vountas
10 21.12.21 Rui Xu (AWI guest student) Arctic Sea Ice Type Classification by Combining CFOSCAT and AMSR Christian Haas
11 11.01.22 Andrea Orfanoz-Cheuquelaf (IUP) Tropospheric ozone from OMPS-NM measurement Alexey Rozanov
12 18.01.22 Kevin Wiegand (IUP) Seasonal and long-term variability of Irminger Water off western Greenland between 1993 and 2020 Monika Rhein
13 25.01.22 Wiebke Körtke (IUP) Decadal variability in the transient tracer distribution in the upper Arctic Ocean Monika Rhein
14 01.02.22 Alexandra Klemme (IUP) Geodesy in climate research: How does the hydrological cycle influence atmospheric greenhouse gas budgets? Justus Notholt / Torsten Warneke

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