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Agenda of the 5th German SCIAMACHY Validation Team (GSVT) Meeting

Including links to the presentations of the meeting.

08:30 Welcome by John Burrows
08:45 Envisat Validation from the DLR standpoint
H.-P. Lüttenberg and A. Friker, DLR Bonn
09:00 Overview about the German Validation Activities
Ulrich Platt
09:15 - 10:45 Ground-based and ship-borne Measurements
09:15 U. Bonn Lidar at Esrange used for Sciamachy Validation
K.H. Fricke, PI Bonn
09:25 Determination of Aerosol Optical Thickness from Sciamachy L1 data
Wolfgang Hoyningen-Huene, IUP Bremen
09:35 Ground-based microwave observations of ozone in Kiruna, Mount Zugspitze and Merida
Gerhard Kopp, FZ Karlsruhe
09:45 Ground based atmospheric millimeterwave measurements: Availability and results of a comparison with SCIAMACHY Ozone profiles
Mathias Palm, IUP Bremen
09:55 SCIAMACHY Validation with Solar FTIR Spectrometry at the NDSC Primary Station Zugspitze
Ralf Sussmann, IMK-IFU Garmisch-Partenkirchen
10:05 Validation of SCIAMACHY products with ground-based FTIR measurements at Kiruna and on Tenerife Island
Thomas Blumenstock, FZ Karlsruhe
10:15 FTIR measurements in Bremen, Ny Alesund and on board Polarstern
Thorsten Warneke, IUP Bremen
10:25 SCIAMACHY Validation using ground-based and ship- borne observation
Barbara Dix, IUP Heidelberg
10:35 SCIAMACHY Validation with the BREDOM Network
Thomas Medeke, IUP Bremen
10:45 - Coffee break
11:05 - 11:55 Aircraft-borne and Satellite Measurements
11:05 Validation of Sciamachy In-flight measured irradiances, radiances and selected tracegas products by comparison with measurements from independent Satellite instruments
Astrid Bracher and Jochen Skupin, IUP Bremen
11:15 Airborne Lidar measurements during SciaValue campaigns
Andreas Fix, DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
11:25 SCIAMACHY validation using Airborne Submillimeter Radiometer (ASUR) observations
Jayan Kuttippurath and Holger Bremer, IUP Bremen
11:35 The Airborne Multi AXis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy instrument (AMAXDOAS) for SCIAMACHY validation
Klaus-Peter Heue, IUP Heidelberg
11:45 SCIAMACHY validation with the AMAXDOAS instrument
Ping Wang, IUP Bremen
11:55 - 12:25 Balloon-borne Measurements
11:55 Validation activities for SCIAMACHY based on balloon- borne observations
Cornelius Schiller, FZ Jülich
12:15 Sciamachy solar irradiance validation (Level-1) using radiometric calibration of Balloon-borne spectrometers
Wolfgang Gurlit, IUP Bremen
12:25 SCIAMACHY Highlights
John P. Burrows, IUP Bremen
12:35 End of meeting - Final Words J.P. Burrows

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