Available data

All three instruments, GOME, SCIAMACHY, and GOME2/METOP-A are continuing their operation. GOME was launched aboard ERS-2 in 1995. Starting in July 2003 GOME lost global coverage due to a failure of the on-board tape recorder. The coverage has been initially limited to the European Atlantic sector. With the addition of additional ground stations the coverage has been incrementally increased. The long GOME data record is very useful as a reference for the SCIAMACHY and GOME2 data in the merged data product.

SCIAMACHY provides measurements since August 2002. GOME2 was launched a board Metop A in 2006 and delivers data since January 2007.

Merged GOME/SCIAMACHY/GOME2 total ozone

Total ozone data sets

Overpass data for ground stations

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Retrieval and validation

Scientific total ozone data products from GOME (1995-present) and SCIAMACHY (2002-present) are available. This data has been retrieved using the weighting function differential optical apsorption spectroscopy (WFDoas) approach.

This new algorithm has been carefully validated by comparison with ground-based data from Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometer network. The new retrieval scheme as well as the validation results have been published in Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry (ACP).

Some additional information on WFDoas can be found in the viewgraphs from a presentation at the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2004 (PDF, 0.8Mb).

Figure 2. Differences between GOME(top) and SCIAMACHY (bottom) and Brewer data from Hohenpeissenberg (47°N, 10°E) in South Germany from 1995 to 2005.

The accuracy of the WFDoas retrieval has been assessed to be 3% for most conditions and about 5% at high solar zenith angles (low sun). The comparison with ground based Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometer data show excellent agreement to within 1% and up to 8% at high solar zenith angles (high latitudes and near polar night). No significant seasonal cycle signatures are apparent in the differences between the satellite and Brewer data. Some seasonal varations is seen with Dobson data. The SCIAMACHY data show a trend of about -3 to -4% per decade with respect to GOME data. GOME2 data has an average bias of -1% when compared to GOME. Trends and biases are corrected in the merged data set combining all instruments.

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Implementation of WFDOAS

Several improvements in the retrieval algorithm have enhanced the data quality of WFDoas total ozone:

  • correction of molecular Ring effect accounting for the ozone absorption dependent contribution.
  • use of retrieved reflectivities (albedos) in the ozone retrieval
  • effective scene height determined from cloud-top height and cloud fraction information derived in the oxygen A-band in combination with the terrain height of the observed GOME ground pixel.
  • Improved determination of ghost vertical column that is added to the retrieved column to account for missing ozone below clouds

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If you have any questions, need more information, or have a request for specific data sets, please contact Mark.Weber@uni-bremen.de.

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This work has been funded in parts by ESA project GOTOCORD (ESRIN/16402/02/I-LG), the German AFO2000 project GOMSTRAT (07ATF42), EU project CANDIDOZ (EVK2-CT-2001-00133), and DFG SHARP (DFG Research Unit 1095).

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