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MAX-DOAS measurements in Bremen 

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Top Introduction:

Since early 1993, DOAS zenith-sky measurements are continuously performed from the roof of the Physics Department at the University of Bremen. In 1994, a second instrument was added to separate the UV and visible parts of the spectrum, thereby improving the detection limits in the UV.


Telescope of the MAX-DOAS instrument in Bremen


Bremen (53°N, 9°E) is a typical mid-latitude location close to the North Sea. In winter and spring, it is occasionally influences by polar air masses, but usually is situated well out of the polar vortex. In spite of the frequent supply of clean air from the sea, measurements are affected by both local pollution from the nearby highway, coal fired power plants and an incinerating plant, and regional pollution by steel industry. Therefore, tropospheric NO2 concentrations are usually high and very variable. In contrast, tropospheric ozone concentrations rarely exceed the warning limits and usually are much lower than in other industrialized regions.

Top Instrument:

The instrument in Bremen consists of two grating spectrometers, one for the UV (310 - 420 nm), the second one for the visible spectral range (400 - 700 nm). Both spectrometers are equipped with cooled CCD detectors and are temperature stabilized to minimize spectral drift. In January 2004, the instrument was relocated to the new building of the Institute of Environmental Physics, Bremen. Since then, it equipped with a MAXDOAS telescope. As this instrument is used for testing and development, many changes have been made over the years with respect to instrumentation, viewing directions and measurement protocol. Since 2012, the instrument is equipped with a telescope that can be pointed in nearly any direction, providing measurements in the zenith-direction, vertical scans in several azimuthal directions and also Total-DOAS observations of sun-illuminated targets in the surrounding of the institute.

More on the instrument and measurement principle can be found on our MAXDOAS page.

Top Data:

If you have any requests, please contact Andreas Richter.

Top References:

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Top Links:

  • The instrument in Bremen is used for the validation of GOME and SCIAMACHY.

Top Contact:

If you are interested in more information or would like to have access to our data, please contact Andreas Richter.

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