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Scientific target

EMeRGe aims to improve our knowledge and prediction of the transport and transformation patterns of European and Asian MPC pollutant outflows.

EMeRGe hypothesis is that the nature of the local emissions, coupled with the specific regional meteorology determines the transport and transformation pathways and patterns in the plumes from MPCs.

To test this hypothesis, the following key scientific questions need to be answered:

a) Which dispersion and transport patterns from the MPC outflows dominate in Europe and Asia for the selected time periods?

b) What are the factors dominating the chemical transformation of MPC emissions?

c) What is the regional, hemispheric impact of European and Asian MPCs in the change of atmospheric composition?

d) What is the relevance of emission from European and Asian MPCs for radiative forcing and climate change?

e) How adequate are chemical models for the simulation of transport and transformation processes of European and Asian MPC outflows?