Work approach

EMeRGe comprises two complementary phases, each involving an intensive period of airborne measurements, using HALO as its primary platform. These phases aim at the characterisation of plumes flowing out from MPC (major population centers) in Europe and Asia when the photochemical transformation is large:

a) the first phase investigates outflow from European MPCs in July 2017,
b) the second phase in April 2018 focuses on the outflow of the MPCs in East Asia

This experimental approach represents an optimal compromise between EMeRGe scientific priorities, logistical capabilities, requirements and constraints of the HALO platform, and constraints of the European and Asian airspace.

Forecasts from available global and mesoscale models as well as information from satellite observations will additionally use to optimise the design of the flight operation.

The area of study and the MPCs of interest for EMeRGe over Europe and East Asia are shown in the maps. Yellow arrows indicate the prevailing winds expected.

Card 1

Card 2