Setting up your IT account(s)

IUP-Bremen account

First, you will need to apply for an user account at the central IT department of the Institute of Environmental Physics. Here is the form to be filled out for that. Please use LAMOS as your working group and ask us for your phone and room numbers.

After filling out the form, please put it into the white letter box which you can find in room U3025.

You will receive an e-mail from IUP system administration once your account has been created. Your account will include access to the IUP-Bremen IT infrastructure, and an e-mail address

Your LAMOS-Bremen accounts

Next, you can apply for user accounts for the LAMOS group IT resources, mostly our HPC cluster Aether and our servers located in the IUP building.

In order to apply, please send an e-mail to Click (needs JavaScript), giving the following information:

  • your name
  • your user-name within the IUP network (see above)
  • user group is by default lamos, but you can opt for an additional user group (usaully given to you by your supervisor/collaborator)
  • systems that you want to have access to (Aether and servers within the IUP network)
  • your UID (by default, the UID within the IUP system)

Our system administrator will send you your login data via e-mail.


A note about e-mail addresses

We recommend you to use your e-mail address for communication (and not the, which you have created as detailed above). However, since it is important you read the e-mail arriving at your address, you could forward all e-mail arriving there to your account. You can set up the e-mail forwarding at (link only works from within the IUP-Bremen network).

LAMOS mailing lists

We use several mailing lists in the LAMOS group, notably lamos_science and lamos_all. We need to explicitly invite you to join these lists. Please send an e-mail from your address to Mihalis Vrekoussis (Click - needs JavaScript), asking to be included in these two mailing lists.


LAMOS website

You will be listed as a group member on the LAMOS website (on the members page). If you want your real photo to appear there, please send it to Click (needs JavaScript).

IUP website

Note: This section does not apply to M.Sc. and B.Sc. students.

You will also be listed as a member of IUP-Bremen, on the IUP members page. Please send the following to the IUP administration (Click - needs JavaScript):

  • your name
  • your room number
  • your IUP phone number
  • your position (PhD student, PostDoc)
  • your working group (i.e., LAMOS)
  • a picture (if you want)
  • your home address and phone number (for the IUP-Bremen personnel list)

Physical access

Opening hours

The NW1 building is open Mon-Fri 6-22 hrs. If you want to access the building outside those hours, you can use your magnetic access card (see below) on the back entrance.

Keys to your office

You will get keys to the LAMOS offices and a magnetic access card so that you can come and go as you like. Please write an e-mail to Petra Renken (Click - needs JavaScript) and ask her to prepare the necessary forms.

Once you picked up the signed forms from Petra Renken, you can go pick up the key(s) on the ground floor of the S building (room S0130, close to the main staircase, called Schl├╝sselausgabe) on Wednesdays between 13:00 and 14:00.