05 Dec 2022   Congratulations to Simon Bittner on his M.Sc. degree

We are happy to announce that our student Simon Bittner has been awarded the M.Sc degree for his thesis entitled “Analysis of NOx emissions sources of Bremen using WRF-CHEM and DOAS”.
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12 Aug 2022   Congratulations to Fabian G. Piwowarczyk and Jianyou Shi on their Bachelor of Science degrees

Fabian G. Piwowarczyk and Jianyou Shi have successfully defended their theses titled “Gridding of high resolution (TROPOMI) satellite data for inverse modeling” and "The trend of warm season surface ozone over China during 2013 – 2021", respectively.
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10 May 2021   Congratulations to Medea Zanoli on her M.Sc. degree

Another important milestone for the LAMOS group. Medea Zanoli defended her outstanding Master thesis “Assessing dust impact on air quality using the global chemistry and transport model TM4-ECPL”.

25 Mar 2021   Honoring the memory of Andreas Hilboll

One year after the sudden loss of our colleague Dr. Andreas Hilboll, the Laboratory for Modeling and Observation of the Earth System (LAMOS) of the University of Bremen (Germany) and the Environmental Chemistry Processes Laboratory (ECPL) of the University of Crete (Greece) offer four (4) Andreas Hilboll travel awards to honor the memory of Dr. Andreas Hilboll and strengthen the collaboration between the two laboratories and Universities.
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25 Mar 2021   In Gedenken an Andreas Hilboll

Ein Jahr nach dem plötzlichen Verlust unseres Kollegen Dr. Andreas Hilboll schreiben das "Laboratory for Modeling and Observation of the Earth System (LAMOS)" der Universität Bremen (Deutschland) und das "Environmental Chemistry Processes Laboratory (ECPL)" der Universität Kreta (Griechenland) vier (4) "Andreas Hilboll Reisestipendien" aus, um das Andenken an Herrn Dr. Andreas Hilboll zu ehren und die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den beiden Laboren und Universitäten zu stärken.

14 Oct 2020   Congratulations to Sofía Gómez Maqueo Anaya on her M.Sc. degree

We are delightful to announce that our student Sofía Gómez Maqueo Anaya has been awarded with the M.Sc title for her outstanding thesis “Assessment of the impact of OH’s temporal resolution on the global atmosphere”.

06 Oct 2020   Congratulations to Ruben Sousse Villa on his M.Sc. degree

Ruben Sousse Villa has successfully defended his thesis “Enhancing chemical schemes accounted in the FLEXPART v10.4 transport model using a kinetic preprocessor”. For his performance, Ruben was awarded with the OHB best-thesis award.

10 Oct 2019   Public outreach information material available

The information material that we had prepared for the Bremen Maritime Week 2019 is now available for download.
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30 Nov 2018   Congratulations to Sarah-Lena Meyer on her M.Sc. degree

Sarah-Lena Meyer wrote her M.Sc. dissertation in the LAMOS group on modeling the dispersion of CH4 emissions from Upper Silesian coal mines using the FLEXPART-WRF model. Earlier this month, she successfully completed her M.Sc. degree with an excellent defense.
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24 Oct 2018   Information for new LAMOS group members

We have put together an extensive information needed when starting in the IUP and, specifically, the LAMOS Group.
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14 Feb 2017   PhD fellowship for air pollution modeling

(Note on 04 Apr 2017: position has been filled.) We are excited to announce the availability of one three-year PhD fellowship within the context of the EMeRGe campaign.
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01 Dec 2016   LAMOS gets its own HPC resource

The new HPC cluster for the LAMOS group was installed in the University's GreenIT Housing Center.
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