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Workshop Announcement


Tropospheric OXidation CApacity (TOXCA)
workshop 2013 in Bremen

From January 16th to 18th 2013, 30 scientists from France, UK, Switzerland and Germany gathered at the Institute for Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen in Germany to discuss about the tropospheric oxidation capacity in the framework of the Priority Program of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft). Results from ground to airborne experiments were used to revise the state of art in observing and modelling oxidising species, and to identify key scientific issues that could benefit from further measurements on the HALO platform.

Recommendations from the workshop concerning tropospheric oxidation capacity airborne measurements can be found » here.

» Upload / download of the TOXCA presentations

Photo taken by Alain Loh