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The scientific activities of the TROLAS group of the IUP-UB focus on the investigation of different aspects of the atmospheric chemistry which are closely related to the photochemistry and the mechanisms of free radical reactions involved in the formation and depletion of O3 in the troposphere. Two main research fields are covered:

  • Understanding the role of peroxy radicals in the troposphere, accurate measurement of ambient peroxy radicals and the modeling of the atmospheric chemistry in different environments in that context, the Peroxy Radical Chemical Amplification (PeRCA) technique has been characterised and gradually optimised for the measurement of the total sum of peroxy radicals in different environments and platforms (ground-based, research vessels and airborne). Data of atmospheric interest are regularly gathered by participating in various national and international experimental campaigns.
  • Spectroscopic characterization of different molecules of atmospheric relevance by using techniques based on high finesse optical cavities like Cavity Ring Down (CRD) and Cavity Enhanced Absorption (CEA) Spectroscopy.

The specific research activities of the TROLAS group are basically defined by the scientific tasks of ongoing projects. See projects here