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Saturday 24.06.2023: Open Campus Uni Bremen 2023
There was a lot to see in the pagoda of FB1
In our stand we talked about smog and nitrogen oxides. It was a hot summer day and it was fun showing our measurements to the visitors who dared coming closer!

Tuesday 08.09.22: The ROxCOMP22 campaign is over.
Everything (and everybody) arrived safe to Bremen. We are looking forward analysing the results back at home

Tuesday 23.08.22: Time for calibration!
We try the radical source of the University Lille and see great modulations!

Thursday 18.08.2022: Seminar about EMeRGe during ROxCOMP22

Wednesday 17.08.22: Cloudy weather has also advantages: we finally get a free day!
Nice opportunity for visiting the open pit mining in Hambach

Tuesday 16.08.2022: ROxCOMP22 is also a good opportunity to meet former TROLAS members!
After a hard measurements day we enjoyed the invitation of Dina, who recently finished and successfully defended her PhD in FZ Jülich.

Wednesday 10.08.2022:
Changing scrubbers on the ground does not have to be less challenging than in the plane!

Friday 05.08.2022: In the chamber
PeRCEAS is in the chamber! Well done!

And now, getting inside the SAPHIR underworld… Impressive !

01.08.2022: SAPHIR ROxCOMP campaign
Finally a new campaign! We missed all this time the fun of preparing, packing, installing, measuring, having trouble, fighting to solve the problems, almost no breaks, disconnecting and unpacking….

The whole August TROLAS participates in the ROXCOMP campaign organised by FZ Jülich.
PeRCEAS and all of us are happy to move, it was already too long in Bremen!

Tuesday 5.07.2022: PhD defence of Midhun
Finally we got a new doctor in the house! Dr. M. George.

A long way with a happy end! Very well done Midhun.

Tuesday 14.06.22: Doctor hut
We are now prepared for the defence of Midhun. The most difficult part is done: his doctor hut!

Tuesday 17.05.2022: IUP Seminar on radicals
Time again for Midhun to give a talk in the IUP Seminar.

Good training for the PhD defence that will come soon.

Time for a TROLAS update:
Long time since last news of the group!
The TROLAS calendar crashed, but we are still there. Despite the pandemic, lot of things were and are going on!

Tuesday 22.03.2022: Costanza gets her Masters:

After working in the group for about a year, Costanza Civale defended successfully her master thesis. Very well done Costanza!

Thursday, 26 december 2019: Visit to Xmas market
As every year, and this time also Vlad, Sanaya and Ovid joined.

It was not very cold this year, no rain, no snow, but fun anyway.
And the most important: we drank our traditional Gluehwein together.

Happy Xmas to all of you too!

Thursday, 12 December 2019: Der Heilige Nikolaus visited the NW1 workshop
Like the previous years St. Nicholas visited the NW1 workshop with lots of gifts, chocolates and blessings.

Saturday, 30 November 2019: and again on the 29th November
Yesterday the weather did not help much in Bremen.

It was rainy and cold but many of us resisted the temptation not to participate actively in the demonstration on the 29.11.2019 together with Fridays for future, Parents for future, Engineers for future, and .....everybody else!

We scientists have to help to wake up politicians!

You can easily read the clear message..... can't you?

Friday, 20 September 2019: Scientists for Future
We do science to save the future !

Wednesday, 18 September 2019: Celebration
Last Monday Wilke came with a cake to celebrate his birthday with us. Very nice!

Of course we do not want to mention his age...but he is a big boy now

Happy birthday Wilke!

Thursday 27 June 2019:
Cloudy start for the summer campaign in Bremen The weather was fantastic till we decided to install the instruments on top of the building for our traditional summer campaign in Bremen.

Not even one day later, grey clouds covered the sky...
Hopefully the summer comes back when we are ready!

Monday, 10 June 2019: You are safe now.... The Best SWAT team is in house....
The time was running out Lives were at risk. But the team work paid off Mission accomplished in time. The future was saved. It was nice to do some group activities together after a long time. This time we diffused the Bomb and save the world.

We were happy to have Vlad back on our side. We hope to see him more often...

Tuesday, 7 May 2019: One month later: report on EGU Vienna 2019
You may argue that we do not look specially happy, but believe me, we were!
TROLAS was well represented at the last EGU Symposium in Vienna (7-12.04.2019)!

Two oral and a poster presentation of our EMeRGe data, meeting colleagues and attending interesting talks was a bit tiring but fun.

So much fun, that we forgot to report on time.
Better late than never, anyway.

Friday 15 March 2019:
Scientists for Future. We do care about climatic change.....

Saturday, 16 February 2019: TEAM-3 has successfully finished
TROLAS was again quite busy with the organisation of the third topical workshop "Transport and transformation of pollutants from European and Asian Major population centres: TEAM-3". Lots of work and three days of interesting talks and discussions among 45 participants!

TEAM-3 has been an important step forward the data interpretation of the EMeRGe project.

And spite the work, we enjoyed the time together!