Seminar Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere (SS2015)

Responsible Professors: John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt,
Monika Rhein, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer

Tuesday 13:00 c.t.
Building NW1,

No. Date Speaker Topic
1 14.04.15 - Preliminary discussion
2 21.04.15 Bram Sanders (IUP) Evaluation of an aerosol height retrieval algorithm for Sentinel-5 Precursor: Application to O2 A band observations from GOME-2
3 28.04.15 Andreas Richter (IUP) New developments in satellite tropospheric NO2 products
4 05.05.15 Lisa Behrens (IUP) A UV NO2 DOAS retrieval for satellite data from GOME-2/MetOp-A – A possibility to detect NO2 vertical distribution
5 12.05.15 Prof. Johannes Orphal
(Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung (IMK), KIT)
Remote-sensing of the Earth's atmosphere in the infrared
6 19.05.15 Matthias Buschmann (IUP) Extension of the Arctic total column CO2 time series
7 26.05.15 - -
8 02.06.15 Raul Scarlat (IUP) Integrated retrieval of sea ice and atmospheric parameters in the Arctic
9 09.06.15 Camila Campos (PEP) The impacts of Arctic sea ice reduction on the ocean circulation from global coupled model simulations
10 16.06.15 - -
11 23.06.15 Prof. Astrid Bracher
Prediction of phytoplankton pigments in the Eastern tropical atlantic from multispectral and hyperspectral continuous remote sensing reflectance measurements
12 30.06.15 Nils Hutter (PEP) Viscous Plastic Sea Ice Models at Very High Resolution
13 07.07.15 Prof. Dr. ing. Martin Horwath
(TU Dresden)
Sea level from a geodetic point of view
14 14.07.15 Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver
Jacobs University
Trait-based models in ecology: From Fokker-Planck equations to collective coordinates

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