Seminar Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere (WS 2013-2014)

Responsible Professors: John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt,
Monika Rhein, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer

Tuesday 13:00 c.t.
Building NW1,

No. Date Speaker Topic
1 15.10.13 - Preliminary discussion
2 22.10.13 Dagmar Kieke (IUP) Large-scale spreading of North Atantic Deep Water components in the subpolar North Atlantic
3 29.10.13 Stefan Mulitza (MARUM) The Anthropocene - new geological unit or pop culture
4 05.11.13 Natalia Ivanova
NERSC, Bergen, Norway
Comparison of passive microwave algorithms for sea ice concentration retrieval
5 12.11.13 Monika Rhein (IUP) Climate change now and in the future: the 5th IPCC assessment report, WG1
6 19.11.13 Ian Galbally (CSIRO) The Distribution and Trends in Southern Hemisphere Tropospheric Ozone
7 26.11.13 - -
8 03.12.13
start at 13.30!!!
Johan Mellqvist
Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden
Environmental measurements techniques to study gaseous emissions
9 10.12.13 Yuting Wang (IUP) Investigating the atmospheric relationship between Carbonyl Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide using solar FTIR spectrometry and a Chemical Transport Model
10 17.12.13 Lisa Kattner (IUP/BSH) Measurements of shipping emissions in the marine troposphere
11 24.12.13 - Semester Break
12 31.12.13 - Semester Break
13 07.01.14 Denise Müller (IUP) Measurements of dissolved greenhouse gases in Malaysian peat-draining rivers with FTIR spectroscopy
14 14.01.14 Dr. Roland Leigh
University of Leicester
Remote sensing of NO2: Hemispherical scanners, airborne mappers, and traffic management applications
15 21.01.14 Tilia Breckenfelder (IUP) Variability of the North Atlantic Current: high resolution model data versus in situ measurements
16 28.01.14 Tilman Dinter (IUP) Determination of the light availability in the ocean utilizing the Vibrational Raman Effect

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