Seminar Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere (WS2017-2018)

Responsible Professors: John P. Burrows, Justus Notholt,
Monika Rhein, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, Mihalis Vrekoussis

Tuesday 13:00 c.t.
Building NW1,

No. Date Speaker Topic
1 17.10.17 - Preliminary discussion
2 24.10.17 Michael Buchwitz(IUP) Satellite-derived atmospheric carbon dioxide information for the Copernicus climate change and atmosphere monitoring services (C3S, CAMS)
3 07.11.17 -
4 14.11.17 Astrid Bracher SynSenPFT: synergistic retrieval of phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) from space using hyper- and multispectral measurements
5 21.11.17 Nils Hase Atmospheric inverse modeling via sparse reconstruction
6 28.11.17 Dilruba Peya(PEP) Dissolution of CaCO3 in the present and glacial ocean: A comparison of the effects of different dissolution parameterizations
7 05.12.17 Monika Rhein(IUP) Submarine melt water from Greenland
8 12.12.17 Ralf Bachmayer(MARUM) Applications of underwater glider based sampling on the Newfoundland and Labrador Shelf - an operational perspective
9 19.12.17 Philipp Richter(IUP) FTIR measurements of water vapour and cloud properties during Polarstern cruises PS106/PS107
10 09.01.18 C. Haas (AWI) Remote sensing of Arctic sea ice thickness
11 16.01.18 Christine Pohl (IUP) Influence of opening angle, spectral bandwidth, and sparse angular observation on estimating snow surface broadband albedo
12 23.01.18 Janin Schaffer(AWI) Ocean impact on the 79 North Glacier, Greenland's largest floating ice tongue
13 30.01.18 Christian Katlein (AWI) Autonomous and robotic observations of the Arctic sea ice, its optical properties and the associated ecosystem

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