Optical Calibration Equipment


  • For an efficient and reliable work in the fields of optoelectronical developments and calibrations, the EOS group operates a complete electronics lab, an optics and calibration lab, and a small mechanical workshop. The calibration lab can handle optical calibrations from the UV (240 nm) to the IR (2400 nm). In addition, we have steady access to expert knowledge in the field of satellite measurements and operations, associated software algorithms, and laboratory photolysis, kinetics and spectroscopy including ground based Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy (FTS). Some of our less ordinary devices are:
  • A vaccuum chamber for instrument tests under stratospheric conditions
  • An evaporation facility for the making of special optical coatings (photo below
  • NIST irradiance standards for absolute radiometric measurements and calibrations (photo below)
  • A collection of spectral calibration lamps
  • Calibrated radiance standards (integrating sphere type)
  • Bentham double-monochromator
  • Calibrated detectors for the range 240-2400 nm wavelength
  • Equipment for polarisation measurements