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2 PhD postions: Satellite remote sensing of greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide.

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  1. IAC Daejeon "Carbon Monitoring from Space" Plenary Event including presentation of David Crisp, NASA/JPL, presenting IUP-Bremen SCIAMACHY CO2 and CH4: Link to IAC Plenary Event video
  2. What we do at IUP, Univ. Bremen (story board and coordination: Michael Buchwitz): Video: What we do at IUP
  3. Michael Buchwitz: Paintings / Bilder: Selected paintings and drawings, Collection 1970 - 2017
  4. Maximilian Reuter and Susanne Pfeifer: Moments from Space
  5. Moments from Space: Earth Science Picture of the Day: Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013, Observed from Space
  6. Moments from Space in Spiegel online: Satellite data show cause of the headwave: Nice video showing the European summer 2013 heatwave (no clouds over a long time period ...)

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