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  1. Copernicus Press Release (10-Jan-2020) with CO2 from Univ. Bremen: Copernicus: 2019 was the second warmest year and the last five years were the warmest on record.
  2. Science Magazine (5-Dec-2019): Space budget boost puts Europe in lead to monitor carbon from space.
  3. Universitaet Bremen (2-Dec-2019 (in German), 12-Dec-2019 (in English)): Article in German: ESA realisiert CarbonSat-Konzept der Universitaet Bremen, Article in English: ESA Realizes University of Bremen CarbonSat Concept.
  4. Weser Kurier (14-June-2019): Umweltdaten aus dem All: Article (in German).
  5. Climate Change News (27-May-2019): EU plans first satellite fleet to monitor CO2 in every country: Website.
  6. ESA (4-Mar-2019): Methane and ozone data products from Copernicus Sentinel-5P: ESA web story.
  7. Copernicus (7-Jan-2019): Last four years have been the warmest on record - and CO2 continues to rise: Press release.
  8. Euronews (14-Dec-2018): IUP Copernicus satellite data show undeminished increase of CO2 concentrations also in 2018: Video in English, Video auf deutsch.
  9. August 2018: "Wissenschaft persoenlich" interview with Dr. Michael Buchwitz: Interview (in German).
  10. 2017: Radio: SWR2 Wissen (auf deutsch, in German): "Erde im Blick: Umweltsatelliten veraendern den Alltag", Dirk Asendorpf und Gabor Paal, 30-Oktober-2017. Link to website, audio file (mp3) (M. Buchwitz, IUP, 12:40 - 14:50).
  11. 2017: SWR2 Wissen (auf deutsch, in German): "Satelliten als Klimapolizei: Wo kommt das viele CO2 her?", Dirk Asendorpf und Gabor Paal, 26-Oktober-2017. Link to website.
  12. 2016: Max Reuter & Michael Buchwitz Interview HYPERRAUMTV (http://hyperraum.tv): Gruener Luftreiniger (in German)
  13. 2016: Max Reuter & Michael Buchwitz Interview HYPERRAUMTV (http://hyperraum.tv): Neues zu CO2, Methan und Fracking (in German)
  14. ESA (26-Nov-2015): Interview with Michael Buchwitz explaining the GHG-CCI project: ESA website with video. Interviews with other CCI Science Leaders: Click here for other videos.
  15. ESA (27-May-2015): Presentation of Mark Doherty (ESA) explaining the CCI programme: Link to website.
  16. 2015: Press releases (5 Jan 2015): Satellite-inferred European carbon sink larger than expected (Reuter et al., Atmos. Chem. Phys.): ESA, Univ. Bremen. Click here for more ...
  17. 2014: Press releases (29 Sept 2014): Decreasing emissions of NOx relative to CO2 in East Asia inferred from satellite observations, (Reuter et al., Nature Geoscience): ESA, DLR, Univ. Bremen. Click here for more ...
  18. 2013: Press releases (4 Sept 2013): Ten years of satellite observations of greenhouse gases (CO2 and methane): ESA, DLR, Univ.Bremen, ..., figures and animations, and media response. ESA (Figs.). DLR (Figs.). Univ.Bremen. Click here for more ...
  19. 2009: The SCIAMACHY Contribution to Greenhouse Gases Monitoring (Movie: ESA, Figures: IUP and SRON; presented at COP-15 Kopenhagen 2009)
  20. 2009: Fernsehen Bremen Center.tv (Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009, 19:00): Stadtgespraech: Thema: CO2 der unsichtbare Feind - Kids machen sich stark fuer den Klimaschutz, Gaeste: Lothar Klose (Produzent), Dr. Michael Buchwitz (Umweltforscher) und Ellen Jalass (Darstellerin) Video auf http://www.bremen-center.tv/videocenter (Filter: Sendungsreihe Stadtgespraech) oder direkt mms://streaming.ewetel.de/nordcom.net/streaming.bremen-center.tv/STG/STG_090730.wmv.
  21. 2008: ESA / DLR (March 2008): ESA: Envisat makes first ever observation of regionally elevated CO2 from manmade emission; DLR: SCIAMACHY: CO2-Detektiv im Weltraum - Erhoehte CO2-Konzentrationen aus regionalen Emissionen erstmals mittels Satellit nachgewiesen - Press releases and media response
  22. 2007: DLR (May 2007): First direct observation of increasing atmospheric CO2 from space
  23. 2007: ESA (April 2007): Satellites play vital role in understanding the carbon cycle
  24. 2007: ESA (March 2007): First greenhouse gas animations produced using Envisat SCIAMACHY data
  25. 2007: astronews (March 2007): ENVISAT - Umweltsatellit fuenf Jahre im All
  26. 2006: ESA/EURONEWS movie (January 2006): Pollution hunting in the light and shadows: ESA web page; EURONEWS movie download: winamp / mediaplayer version (small format, 3 MB) or realplayer version (70 MB)
  27. 2005: Bremen (summer 2005): City of Science (Stadt der Wissenschaft): Project "Black Boxes"
  28. 2002: Die Zeit (Sept 2002): Teurer Spaeher am Firmament (we were not amused ...)

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