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  • PROJECTS (ongoing):
    1. DLR (Raumfahrtagentur, Bonn): Clim4Edu: IUP, Univ. Bremen Beiträge: Erstellung von Lehrmaterialien für Schulen zum Thema Klimawandel mit Fokus auf Satellitenbeobachtungen. Eine Kooperation mit der Universität Bochum.
    2. ESA: MethaneCAMP (lead: FMI): IUP, Univ. Bremen contributions: Satellite-derived methane data products, data analysis and other activities
    3. ESA: AMPAC-Net (lead: BGEOS): IUP, Univ. Bremen contributions (voluntary unfunded contributions): Satellite-derived methane data products and user support (see, for example, AMPAC-Net satellite data catalogue: https://apgc.awi.de/group/ampac-satellite)
    4. ESA: Methane+ (lead: SRON): IUP, Univ. Bremen contributions: Sentinel-5-Precursor/TROPOMI WFMD algorithm methane retrievals and comparisons with operational product
    5. EU/ECMWF: C3S: IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: Lead satellite GHG ECV products (project C3S2_312a_Lot2, Lead: DLR); pre-cursor projects: C3S_312b_Lot2 (Lead: DLR), C3S_312a_Lot6 (Lead: Univ. Bremen))
    6. EU/ECMWF: CAMS: IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: XCO2 GOSAT/BESD NRT delivery (project CAMS2 52b (Lead: LSCE); pre-cursor project: CAMS 41)
    7. ESA: Climate Change Initiative: GHG-CCI: IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: lead and satellite GHG data products
    9. EUMETSAT: CO2M cal/val requirements science support (lead: D. Feist, LMU): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: Level 2 products quality related monitoring aspects
    10. EU H2020: VERIFY (lead: LSCE): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: XCO2 from OCO-2 (focus Europe) and ground-based FTS measurements
    11. EU/H2020: 4C (Climate-Carbon Interactions in the Current Century, lead: Univ. of Exeter): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: satellite XCO2 products, emerging constraints, other
    12. DWD: RiGHGorous: Research for an integrated GreenHouse Gas monitoring system and for its use at DWD. IUP, Univ. Bremen, in cooperation with MPI-Biogeochemisty in Jena. (German RiGHGorous link)
    13. BMBF: AIRSPACE (lead: DLR)
    14. GOSAT RA-1 PI project (PI: M. Buchwitz, IUP, Univ. Bremen): Towards consistent long-term SCIAMACHY and GOSAT greenhouse gas data sets (CONSCIGO)
    15. Methane Airborne Mapper (MAMAP)
  • PROJECTS (finished):
    1. ESA: CO2 Monitoring Spectral Sizing Study (lead: SRON)
    2. EU H2020: CHE (CO2 Human Emissions, lead: ECMWF): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: XCO2 from OCO-2
    3. ESA: CCFFDAS (lead: iLab): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: Simulated satellite data (Level 3 XCO2 error files)
    4. ESA: PMIF (lead: LSCE): IUP, Univ. Bremen contribution: Simulated satellite data (Level 2 XCO2 error files)
    5. ESA: S5L2PP (Sentinel-5 Level 2 product generation and algorithm verification)
    6. ESA: Alanis-Methane
    7. EU FP7: Monitoring atmospheric composition and climate (MACC-II)
    8. EU FP7: megaCITY - Zoom for the ENVironment: CityZen
    9. EU FP7: Monitoring atmospheric composition and climate (MACC)
    10. ESA: An ADVANced retrieval system for greenhouse gases from SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT (ADVANSE)
    11. ESA: CarbonSat
    12. ESA: Requirements for CO2 monitoring by Sentinel-5 (Final Report, 18 MB)
    13. DLR / ESA: Scientific support study for SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT (SADOS, SQWG)
    14. DLR: CarbonSat
    15. EU FP6: Air quality Monitoring and Forecasting In China: AMFIC
    16. ESA GMES Service Element (GSE) Atmosphere: PROMOTE
    17. ESA GMES/PROMOTE: SCIAMACHY CO column data product (Air quality service)
    18. ESA GMES/PROMOTE: SCIAMACHY methane column data product (Climate study support service)
    19. ESA GMES/PROMOTE: SCIAMACHY carbon dioxide column data product (Climate study support service)

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    Author: Michael.Buchwitz@iup.physik.uni-bremen.de