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Topical Workshop:

Transport and transformation of pollutants from European and Asian major population centres


Supported by the DFG HALO SPP 1294 the topical workshop "Transport and transformation of pollutants from European and Asian Major population centres: TEAM" was organised and hosted by the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen on the 14th - 16th February 2017.

Apart from the specific scientific objectives of EMeRGe, utilising flights of the research aircraft platform HALO as a centre piece, considerable additional effort is put within the project to stimulate and coordinate local and regional measurements, and modelling studies in the framework of EMeRGe-international. As a result of this additional effort, a series of collaborations on a best effort basis have been established within a growing EMeRGe international scientific community with Great Britain, China, Taiwan, Japan and USA.

audience audience

TEAM intends to put together the German, European and Asian EMeRGe community to present, update and discuss the state of art and scientific open issues in this field of research. An additional focus of the workshop was the preparation of the experimental phases of EMeRGe and the presentation and coordination of different planned activities within EMeRGe international. One important objective of EMeRGe is to enhance the results of the two planned HALO-EMeRGe measurement campaigns by the provision of additional aircraft, satellite and ground based observations, and modelling studies. The overall scientific output of EMeRGe will be optimised through the comprehensive integrated analysis of all the data sets obtained.


  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge in the investigation of the impact of megacities in Europe and Asia: presentation of existing results
  • Discussion of further observations required to improve the actual state of art
  • Presentation and discussion of proposed flight tracks for the 2017 EMeRGe HALO campaign in Europe
  • Discussion of the preliminary flight plan for the 2018 EMeRGe HALO campaign in Asia
  • Proposal and coordination of different activities in the period 2017 - 2018

More than 40 scientists from the EMeRGe community in Germany, Great Britain, China, Japan and Taiwan were participating.

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